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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hypoc (29/6/2006)

Oh MAN!!!!!
This is gonna sound so hypocritical.

In the end..I'll be going to UKM afterall......
This isn't what I want....but I'll be keeping things in perspective.

I don't know whether I should be justifying this decision to myself or those around me ....

but the current plans are this...In the event that I do not receive a scholarship, I'll have a "safe" route
But.. If I do manage to obtain it, I'll be thinking long and hard again about the choices I have to make in my life, what I really want etc.
And If all my reasons still sound really good to me, I'll be taking the leap of faith.

Probably lotsa people will be looking down on me for not following through with my words...
but I still have dreams in sight...and will not stop pursuing it.

I have an agreement going on with my mum that if and when the scholarship arrives, and I find that I have marginal interest in medicine, I will for the course that I want, and she will not be stopping me. I guess applying to UKM is a compromise between me and her I guess.

But anyway, I am NOT defeated. And Will NOT be.

thank you all for supporting me along the way
(=^.^=) especially you dear dear...

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