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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Today A...quite fruitful lo...after a few mundane days watching paint dry, literally..
The last few days a...silly man.,take down curtain railings... move the furniture, aish miss a spot, paint, then put on new railings..then reshift the furniture...then everyday tired like crap. haish...

today go visit old friends in bukit gambir. sun bian bring girl girl go rebonding.. first stop Wen Yao's place...go kacau wen ying at the same time...hehe.. Who ar...ching Ee..aka guide of the day, wei kiat and zhong shun then woon yuan...second stop food...third stop ah sang's place..but she's not at home...
go jalan jalan then stop at hong zhen's place..A! first time play with sandbag punchbag.... nice!.. next stop (on mian yang's numerous requests) go to ah sang's place again...

Ah..must take note

Sheep take biological sciences at USM

Ah sang take education: biology at UM

Wen Yao take Electrical engineering at UTM

Wen ying take hehe

Woon yuan take Fishery at KUSTEM

Ching EE take nutrition at UPM

Hong Zhen take Environmental engineering at KUKUM

HOng Kai take genetics at UM

hey...my memory not bad o!

Yeahyeah....that day went air panas(gunung ledang waterfalls) too...on Friday
Reach there at 8.30 a.m. play till 4 in the evening..
tagging along.. girl girl, yu ling and sheep...
Also not bad la... missed mother nature very much after being pent up in KL for like 4 months...finally I can breathe again!!!!!!!
Best part of the trip... the picnic, waterfall massage, feeding the fishes there with bread and playing hide and seek with prawns...

you know long time ago I would have caught a few of them and brought them home.. but now I know where they truly belong and I have no right to separate them from friends and family...
IT's certainly more fun enjoying their presence by having a pedicure -- holding a piece of bread between your toes and letting the fish nibble your feet!!!! the prawns are no less voracious!

Worst part of the trip..watching ugly malaysians in action
1)people who smoke in the wilderness spoiling the whole point of going there for fresh air
2) people who dump trash around the place
3) people who dump groundnut peels straight into the water
4) people who shampoo their heads straight into the water

but I really don't know what I as a fellow tourist can do to stop them..sigh

Wanted to find my dear buddy who hails from tangkak but I think he would'nt have reached there yet cos he has class on Fri... :-) in a blur to rush home I forgot to message sin chee to ask pulak...paiseh yea :-P

K...me haven bathe..later got another reunion...me better buck up...

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