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Sunday, April 27, 2008

AMD64 3800 X2

MSI motherboard for AMD Chipset

Kingston 2Gb 677Mhz Ram

Forsa Geforce 7600GT

250Gb hard drive

Samsung DVD rom And Writer

philips 17inch flat screen monitor

Creative Audigy Value soundcard

I-cute PC Casing

Logitech Multimedia keyboard + mouse

Caplang earphones

Hand-me down speakers

Canon Printer copier MP160

Comes to a grand total of RM3400...

Rm800 less than my budget but still a great deal!

.....Now fighting for will control

Fable VS glycolysis, lipogenesis, HMP shunt, Ketogenesis, Amino acid metabolism and 2 SLP's!!!! I'm ten lectures behind...oh schuckssss

Gotta buck up!

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