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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ouch Alias (25/6/2006)

Injured my left shoulder somehow on Saturday..
The pain isn't really abating...couldn't help myself wear trousers!

Feeling extremely irritated that till now I still don't know the reason for the injury
Seems I slept on the couch in a not-so-comfortable position...

All the more reason for mom to pester me not to go for NS... yikes.

I've been reportedly scolded by Mr Lim for snatching away someone's chance to do medicine.
But...I guess, I didn't really apply through the online application for fun.....
some part of me feels that there is some probability I'll be in one of d local U's...
Just that through thorough thinking, it really isn't for me.
VERDICT: Not Guilty.

Hmmm...seen the Satria Neo Admmercial...Cool!
Hope the car hits the road before I go for NS!!
Really hope Proton redeems itself after launching the not-so-fervently-sought-after Savvy

Still... Why sell Augusta for One Euro?
The answers were given...but..we bought it for 500 mil man. now selling it off for half a song?
Even if the company is operating under deficit, Proton can still turn the company around by going into motorcycle business, trade it off to Modenas or auction it off internationally?
The current state of things simply show the inadequacy of proton's management.
Oh well. I must profess I don't know much about this stuff so I won't elaborate further.

HAH! What Irony.
"Bush in India for Nuclear Pact Agreement"
"America has at least 2000 Nuclear warheads awaiting deployment"


"Bush slams Iran for Nuclear enrichment"
"Six way Nuclear talks on N. Korea in deadlock"

At this rate, the history of Iraq will repeat itself once again.

1. Iraq harbours Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
2. Saddam Hussein committed crimes against humanity
3. We need to champion democracy.
4. Preemptive strike necessary
5. We can bypass the UN security council if and when we want to.

Result :Us-Iraq war March 2003

Post mortem.
1.Iraq has no WMD. Not a trace. Nada. Zilch. ( mis-Intelligence they claim)

2.the US government supported most of Saddam's acts, to the point where they actually provided
weapons for iraq ( That was pre-Bush and clinton it seems, so Bush plays IT-Wasn't-Me)
Crimes against humanity?
What about Agent Orange in the Vietnam War? What about Guatanamo Bay? What about
satellite-spying? What about the CIA interrogation centres spread across the globe? People
labelled terrorists and held without trial?

3.Democracy by force isn't democracy. Democracy has not been proven to be the best form of
governmence ("The iraqis need liberation from Saddam's oppression" Funny why few iraqis
cheered after the war)

4. SO you can Pre-empt lah. Suka-suka pre-empt lah. Nice word to use. Hmmm... 9-11 happened because Taliban needed to pre-empt the imminent US led invasion? How's that for a theory? Can you accept that? Mr Bush?

5. Security council is there when you need it to impose sanctions and issue warnings lah. They are invisible when they're in your way for oil in Iraq lah.

ARGHHH...IT is so Damn frustrating when the world can only watch when the sole superpower does whatever it wants. No one can do a thing. Now they're even trying to blackmail the UN by withholding funds. ARRGGHHHH.

You know. At first in 2001/2002 I loved Alias a lot. That was in Season one.
Come season two and thereafter, I began to feel disgusted with it.

Because, with real thought...
The way the CIA operates, they're objectives are the most important.
"Something we want is in Tunisia"
"Go undercover"
"Retrieve the object"
" Ooo..Guards hampering our task- shoot to kill !" (their lives are a lot less valuable)
They kill whoever they want in whatever country they want, and they can get away with it. No need for justification. Agent Sydney Bristow reigns supreme.
And if any country even dares to think of taking something in the US, oh be afraid. be VERY afraid.

I began to realise the series reflects the way US views the world in general.
"You are here for our entertainment."
"I will only scratch your back if you scratch mine, give me a massage, an aromatherapy session and spa treatment "
"If you accidently hurt my back, I will make sure you regret it-----for generations"

"any weapons that you have, I want it too!-by any means necessary.
"any weapons you have, you need to make sure I have it already"
"any weapons you have that I have, you will use it to attack others, so I must attack you first to prevent that"

So every episode of Alias that I watch leaves a bad taste in my mouth...and now, I'm really quite put off by the premise.

Ah...which brings me back to the point at hand.. Iran....

Arggh...my shoulder hurts...so pardon me if I continue this in another thread... :-)
Nevermind, most of the same situations apply for Iran as it does for Iraq.

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