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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hmmm, Just entered a break dance class at freedom academy in setapak... funny thing happened as the instructor turned out to b my bro's friend..weird
First lesson...grab the basics--
Frog stand-turtle-six step and hand stand... took quite a toll on me wrists! Let them rest for a day or two lah..goin to train again next week
Hai... My long long hair is well.. not long enough hehe...
but it's the furthest that I've gone...ever! Which should be just as well cos I won't be able to keep it come april next year! Styling is a drag tho and if you don't do anything to it everyday you appear in class sporting a Seed long sleeve, bosino long pants, timberland boots and a mop head. shucks. (that's on formal days only lah...and everything is hand me downs k?)
Looks have never been important to me so I usually appear at school unkempt but having long hair really complicates things... No longer can I scrape thru by running fingers thru my hair twice then goin off.
Now I've gotta go thru the tortuous task of rinsing my head under the sink for half a minute before my head becomes manageble.. blame myself for saving on conditioners but then... hai...
Just took over the payment of my bro's car cos he's leaving to further his studies and forked out RM7000 for that...
So I'm quite broke...
See..my monthly allowance is 800
300 for rent
300 for food
100 for transport RM2/day plus RM40 assuming I go back twice a month
30 for prepaid reloads
17 for bills
which leaves a grand total of RM53 plus for miscellaneous spending in a month... OUCH! that hurts.
And now that I'm taking up dance that costs RM60/month...
I'm having a deficit and am digging into my savings every month...
What should I do... and I'm scrimping and saving like mad di..just ask my housemates and they'll confirm that...hai...
Now I'm aptly termed "the scavenger" for reasons known to us... miao
Situations call for it lo..wat to do.
I'm gonna need to find a source of income soon or else I'll be high and dry in no time.
Wish me luck!

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