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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Raison De'tre(14/6/2006)


Hmmm, first thing.
It's a good thing to ask this question...why am I here?
ACtually...you're not the the only one, you're not alone.
Thousands and thousands of people ask themselves everyday,
why am I here? What should I do with my life? What is my purpose?
(Heck I even bought a book on the topic. Not much help though)

I can't give you a solid answer, as the meaning of life is different for everyone.

I can tell you something though.

children normally don't ask themselves this question.

Teenagers sometimes ask themselves this question but they don't care much as they are quite happy doing what they do- study, play, hang-out with friends.... Some do...like you!

Adults often ask themselves this question but they don't have time to think about it /too busy- especially in Asian countries. So they live on everyday, day by day, providing for their children, their spouses...earning money...go for holiday, work....retire...then...they find things to do after that.

BAck to your question,

We chose what we do in life.
WE chose what decisions to make, what to eat, when to sleep- these are the small things
The big things are- what is your goal in life? IS there something you want to do before you die?

Frankly...I don't know how to answer your question, so I'll turning around in circles to explain something simple. haha

Take me, for example.
I don't have an answer for myself too.

I used to think that we are here to serve others : Husband serve wife, parents provide for children, children take care of parents, teachers serve students, students are the ones that give teachers a job...etc etc...it's a circle.

I used to think my purpose it to make others happy also.... making jokes, trying to make people laugh..
but I don't think I succeeded in it.... If I myself am not happy...how can I make others happy?

Right now, I don't think so much as what I am here for anymore
I just do things that I enjoy (that do not harm others) because life is short.

I enjoy going outdoors...in the jungle...the seaside, waterfall...countryside..kampung...
so, I find opportunities to do the things I like. I participate in volunteer activities, I find places to go....etc etc

I love animals, plants and enjoy studying and understanding them. I believe they all have a right to live on this planet, and will do what I can to protect them

Now what I hope to do is to combine these two passions into one,
That's why I hope to study conservation biology-
I have the chance to work in serene surroundings,
I will study the things that I am interested in...
and finally I will protect the things I love and cherish

that will be my purpose for the moment. Simple.

Others often say that I don't need to have a degree to protect nature. But That's just their opinion.
Since I've researched and experienced what they have not, I see their view as biased and unfair.
But they meant well, I know.

Now, what if my interest changes? Like all of us? We enjoy something but later become tak-apalah?
I've thought about it....but believe I can't change it...so I'll focus on what I love now... because I love what I do now.
when the time comes, if and when I change my interest...I'll redirect my energy and focus to it.

That's how I live my life.

There are three rules that are important to me.
1) don't live your life for someone else - resposibility is one thing...but letting others control you in another.
2) Never live your life for money.
3) Live your life by your own defined principles, your own philosophy...live without regret.

THink about it....maybe it can work for you...maybe it can't.
If you don't understand...you can ask me again but I don't guarantee I'll be able to give u a satisfying answer. :-)

Secondly....the questions that you ask me.. numbered I) to IV)....those are the questions you have to answer yourself.

But I can give you my answer.

I)Why choose overseas?
1) Local universities do not have their forte in the courses that I am interested in.
    Example courses     Conservation biology, Ecology, biodiversity, Marine biology,
Zoology, entomology, environmental science, sustainable development, ecotourism ,animal behaviour.

2) Global acceptance?
    An overseas degree (particularly in my chosen course) would give me better
    employment prospects. I will have better opportunity to go into postgraduate studies.

3) Better –In terms of facilities, experience, resources
    Availability- Nature parks, research vessels, research grants, postgrad studies, employment.

4) Experience a different culture, a different lifestyle.
    Independence, acquire living skills for my future.

5) Exposure to a different learning culture
    A culture that does not emphasize too much on rote-learning, theory and regurgitation
    of information. (without tests that solely challenges a student’s memory.)

    In search of an education system that allows freedom of expression, a system that will
    aid my growth as an individual. That will allow my creativity to show through.

II) Plans after U?
With the skills, knowledge and expertise...I will protect the things That I love. I will work towards conserving nature
I will meet others who share my passion and work with them towards a common goal.

III) THe world outside M'sia and S'pore?
HAHA....You always remind me that you are still the xiao mian yang I know...Sheep...
What the world holds...is for you to discover...if you want to discover.
I simply can't answer that for you.

IV)What can you do in this world?
whatever you do... simple decisions like not throwing rubbish into the drain...amounts to a lot.
Of course, what I tell you here is what I feel is important to me - conservation...so the example might seem funny to you

Even though you know that others will throw rubbish into the drain, it will get clogged up, it will harm marine life, it will one day come back as drinking water for us....

even though you know you can't do much about it,
you know your simple act will not prevent banjir-kilat from happening because others are still doing it.........


What can you do in this world? What can you do FOR this world?
Find your priorities in life. Be it FAmily, Friends, Your work, ......
You may not know how much you have done for others....but sometimes by just being there when someone needs you...
cheering someone up...helping that old lady up the bus...

You have served your purpose. You have a reason to be here, you touched someone's life.
To me. That is as good as a purpose gets.

You see... you may not think that you've done much in school...
but just by sitting in front of us....doing the cute things that you do...
you succeed in making us laugh, you cheer us up...intentionally or unintentionally :-P
You're the only one in school who can make Ah kok laugh.
That's an achievement. :-)

Don't look down on yourself. We all do our own bit...that makes the world go round.

You said you want to serve the UN someday...that's good.

If you decide that's what you really want...then work towards it.
Start small, go to a charity, old folks home, rumah anak yatim, donate some money to the tsunami/ yogyakarta fund
It's not much but....at least you did something.

When you think you are ready and independent enough... join a relief group- Mercy Malaysia... International Red Cross
so you can fly around the world...

To go one step further...once you have your first degree, you might want to take up a social studies course...

It's never too late to help others, if that is what you have in mind, ok?

There's nothing to be ashamed of about your fear of donating blood.
I am also quite afraid of it, I don't know why...I'm just not prepared...
I want to be an organ donor too...but I'm still undecided....
but..we each contribute in our own way. you qian chu qian, you li chu li....that's how it works...
This is called Volunteering... you do it only if you feel like it... No one can force you.

One last thing....
There will always people who say we cannot this and we cannot that...
By succumbing to their words... we have lost the battle.

Instead...strive to prove them wrong...but do your own research first, gain experience , arm yourself with facts etc..
don't go into something blindly

If you really can't in the end... They will come and say" I-told-you-so"
but who cares? You've tried your best and have no regrets.

That's the important thing.

If you have something you really want. Go for it. Work towards it.
IF you need advice, you have friends around you. IF you need support, we are here also k?

So...don't worry so much... take life as it comes... no one blames you if you did not become the next Kofi Anan..right?

Stay happy...Try to turn from baa baa black sheep to big big bear...k?

hope the advice helps.. message me if you need my stupid advice again. :-)

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