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Thursday, April 24, 2008


sorry guys...no facilities to update my photos right now, so you're all stuck with ol Silas....sigh

First module test over...which means I need to clear off my list of RSVPs soon ...or else I will kena scold not fren enough again.

I've been scolded that for quite a few times for not telling my friends about my phone no. But the thing is, as this number is new, I don't have theirs also...what can I do...and these "friendly" people scold me without leaving a name and won't reply to my messages ...really cute...sigh...here goes 017-6092502

To Lit Wee...hehe...I always curi-curi guna use campus computers so pardon if you're reading this and wondering why I'm not replying to your e-mail at the same time...hehe... I often kena halau from my place at the computer by other eager users... And well...It isn't that safe to check my email at every computer their is around the campus...so...paiseh...

Frenster is a little safer...though sometimes I forget to log out...
what else..oh, First module test over...feeling kinda blur and shaky and unsure...as expected, it's the purine and pyrimidine synthesis coupled with the one about PRPP that became the death of me...oh well..you reap what you sow.. and I didn't sow much...as usual :-P...

Now getting into the second module, body tissues...going to need ta buy histology texts, which costs a bomb, followed by physiology texts and pharmaco,patho...and everything else till the end of sem... I'm being bled dry.
Fama scholarship is not a very good one as they have a feedback mechanism that complains when you use the money in it, for whatever the reason....me scrimping and saving but still easily broke...sigh.
Gonna need to sub my bro's line sooner or later !!!
KK...seems people's eyes are focused on my head and I can feel them breathing down my neck even though they are 3 feet away...so I'll end here...

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