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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Once again. So much to write. So little time. And a little writer's block...

no its not smagrrosh.

more like smagasboard or something.. which I can't spell.

proselytizing. Yup. Very relevant these days. Unrelenting.

Conservation. Sometimes... yeah sometimes theres always d silver lining. like the recent floods. When something as bad as this happens people sit up and take notice. Only when we bear the brunt of our folly do we realise all the hill clearing and uncontroleed development comes at a big expense.Very BIG expense.

Yet post tsunami... they(the powers that be) realised how important Mangroves are.... but as time goes by... they forget all the lessons and now are pursuing the development of Sg. Pulai Estuary..

And I feel really hopeless... I can only do so much. Why don't people wake up and see.... Some don't even know. Or care. Hai... what can I do...

I have acquired, stacked up a sleep deficit of maybe 30 plus hours.. slowly paying back my overdues... but not very successful tho.. kai...

See... brain malfunctioning again.

hypothalamo-hypophyseal haywiring. Gah.

So much to write... get organized lah.

Lost my wallet recently. The good samaritan David (who lives at Desa, Wangsa Maju- anyone who knows this guy give him a hug) found my wallet on the bus.. called up my fren to tell me about it. so I scooted (by bus) over to Wangsa Maju LRT and retrieved it...

all this happened within 30minutes... ever heard of yi chang huan xi yi chang kong? This time its yi chang kong and yi chang huan xi!

Hmmmm... I better get some shut eye...

tonite going yum cha and Alien versus predator 2!!! Woo hoo!!!!


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