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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Blink Blink Blink and another sem has passed…

So wat’d I do this sem? Curiously I din complete any new games this sem.. although I played lots… new to the family: Bejeweled, insaniquarium, transformers… Played to the brink of exhaustion (yet with no improvement) : Counter-strike

I went to Gua musang…Nice trip if it weren’t for the organiser

Visited the Kuala Lumpur Private Library near dataran Merdeka…cool!

Toured the Central Market and got conned by a toy salesman…

Begun Break dance lessons but with scant improvement…because I was hurt most of the time- and didn’t have time to train…

Curiously two..I studied more this sem… so much more than it exceeds the previous two sems combined. What happened for me to have such a change of heart? Frankly I have no idea… Maybe I’ve relented, maybe I see the light at the end of the tunnel, maybe I have something to prove to myself… maybe I was spurred on by one force which disappeared midway, then by another unexpected one… one that I hope will spur me on and on…. :-P

I salvaged a study table, a two feet tank and together with oncogene a kitchen table!! Woooo… we are the SCAVENGERS!!!

I had lotsa fightning fish babies… excluding those eaten due to my carelessness I counted 247… yet now there are only two! And I lost daddy Fighter on Thursday.. Feel like a big big failure…irresponsible father….

I brought a rice cooker and a portable stove up! So now I can cook! Limited this sem but I must don the chef’s hat next sem!

Went to the Starlight cinema! Nice experience cept for the rain and the lack of everything…hoho..ask mao…

Met up with lotsa old long lost friends in the unique gathering of Muarians called SETAPAK… Including Zhong Han, Yong Meng, Xiao Han, jia meng, eric, etc etc and my neighbour from muar.. wuhaha

Next sem… these are my plans… keeping my fingers crossed!

1)      2 gym 2 swimming 2 breakdance sessions per week

2)      2-3 home cooked meals per week

3)      Visit all the places I meant to see since first sem- M’sian Philharmonik Orchestra, KL performing arts centre (KLPac in sentul) the Ampang bird-viewing area, tasik perdana, a revisit to central market, and list pending…

4)      Spread the conservation message in ways that I can- Morning presentations etc

5)      Earn bit bit of income somehow so I can travel to Sabah and


during the next end sem!!

6)      Reduce gaming for this sem and focus on all the above.. Resume in 3rd year where I’ve nothing to do!!!

7)      Catch up with my long lost friends!

8)      Study? I guess I will… Hopefully the influence has not waned…

9)      Take good care of my parents!!

10)  Enjoy life to the fullest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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