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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh what a lovely world

In a short span of 2 months... I've really seen what it means to be in a community that cares... Despite the world getting more materialistic and unfriendly... let me recount the events

The first was when blur me took the wrong trip up north towards penang instead of down south. The kind bus driver actually helped me find a lift on another bus and secretly bought me bread and drinks since I was skipping dinner! and he rejected when I tried to pay him... The Swell guy was from Mayang Sari!!

Once,I left my wallet in a Metro bus, the kind Samaritan Davic actually took the trouble to find the well hidden piece of paper inside containing contact numbers of my housemates and called one of them. My friend passed me the number and I called but it din get thru. The guy actually called back to chat (courtesy demands that I should be the one wasting call money, not him!!!) and gave me directions to find him in Wangsa Maju. Pop! and I'm headed there. I gave him a packet of tim-tams(all that I have at that moment) and promised to buy him dinner If I ever go there. Wallah! all contents of my wallet were intact! I felt very very very grateful! My IC, driving license, atm card, condo electronic key notwsithstanding...there's also a very precious picture that I can hold on to till CNY...hehe

Next,I was on the journey to Muar in a uh...slightly run-down Hasry bus.Fingering the air-con swivel I noticed much later I had coal-shaded hands. Sheepishly I wiped my hands on my seat(:-P) then suddenly the malay girl seated next to me offered me a piece of tissue! So we chatted and I found out that she was from UKM too, recently graduated in August! Ah... what a small world. A small sweet world.

I have my doubts, ...but events like these really help me change my perception. I do my bit too, to help and I believe its when we reciprocate whatever kindness bestowed on us... do we come full circle in life.

I believe in karma, be it Reincarnation karma (for me, not so much) [your fate in your next life will be determined by what you do in this life]

Present day karma (as in what you get by shady means you will lose the equivalent value sooner or later)

Or Propagative karma [A term I coined] (Kindness you give out may be showered back on your friends and relatives...in a totally unexpected way)

And recent events like the above mentioned only serve to strengthen my belief and I vow to be a better person, if only to give back whatever I received.

That's how to world goes round. I always say (=^.^=)

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