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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ho hum!(16/6/2006)

Hmmm... my mum worries for me...
she's heard that those who enter the 3rd batch of NS are  school drop-outs and very samseng - I'll b in danger.
She disapproves about the artillery training...
and she also worries that my stint will coincide with the lunar 7th Month... you know...the month where our "hao xiong di" celebrates...

Her concern is genuine but...
1) Samseng people are not that bad, they're just misunderstood and want a place to fit in,
    Not everyone likes studying, so there will be dropouts no matter what country we live in.
    And that's not such a bad thing, through vocational training, they still contribute to the society 
   and are very much citizens like the rest of us. I've mingled with some Samseng before and came 
   out unscathed...they're fine... probably a little rough on the edges...but they very "jiang yi qi" 

2) Do you know how many youths are desperate to get the feel of a genuine M16...to smell the sweet smell of gunpowder, to bear the weigh of it...to experience the recoil from each shot fired? I so wanna fire one myself!
And anyway, they're using blanks! enuff said.

3) Hao xiong di Hao xiong di... I believe well water does not collide with river water,
so long as we treat them with respect. I've been through one spine-chilling incident in Terengganu,
but I believe I must have done something wrong to deserve that.
Anyway, I'll be keeping a clean slate..just in case!

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