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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Holy ramadhan

Fast fast fast! Later pudu jam the taxi driver dun wanna fetch ah..

Where is Xi ling? She go Maybank? Here she comes..

Xi Ling :“ kuan yew…ni hui na li?

  :“ qu ni jia luo…gen ni qu penang”

Xi Ling :“ zhen de? Lai la lai la!”

Upon reaching pudu raya….4.40p.m.

Hmmm… KKKL…6.00pm

Hmmm… Transnational…6.30p.m.

Ah! Mayang Sari 5.30p.m.!!!  Go for it..

Tudlums…. 5.25 go down platform one…

Mayang Sari bus         : Check!

Muar-Kuala Lumpur   : Check!

Seat no 21                   : Check!

5.30p.m. off we go! Get some shuteye… tired like a shrivelled chili kering…

Down come the curtains…

E? So few people ah.. Better change seat to the front for a less bumpy ride… but must move luggage also wor… troublesome..stay put lah! Zzzzzzz…..

E? why this gal move to my front one, from the side window? Pretty or not? Aiya can’t see… terus tidur….

6.30p.m. why so tired but can’t sleep one? Enjoy the scenery lah!

…..This stretch of road seems new to me lah…

….. Woo… aquaculture pools… looks flooded mini paddy fields to me la…new sight and sounds….

The driver must have taken a new road to avoid the jam… but…hmmm… never mind

Wait got sign board!

Rawang…Sg. Buloh…’

Ei? This seems a little unusual le…

“xiao jie… wo men zhe liang bus qu ma po ma?”

“Ma po? Ni qu wen yi wen bus uncle ke neng you jing guo ni na di fang luo… bu guo zhe liang bus shi qu butterworth de..”

“Ma po zai johor le!!!...”(holy ****)

Run to the front…

“Bang! Bus ni ke mana?”

“Butterworth, kamu nak turun mana?”

“Bang depan tulis Muar-Kuala lumpur



“ya! Bus ni dari Muar ke

Kuala Lumpur

terus ke Butterworth” (A close look at the sign confirms it Muar-Kuala Lumpur-Butterworth)

“Saya nak ke Muar ni!!!”

“Uishh!Macam mana kamu ni? Nak turun kat depan ke?”

“Alamak…saya ni …. Nanti ya saya telefon kejap”

After a few frantic calls to my brothers but with no reply I decided to call jin kim, Just in case… hai shouldn’t made de joke bout going to


L : X

Thus after a few considerations and all.. I tell the bus driver I’ll be going to butterworth… but he said that there’s a place in Slim river where buses up north and down south regularly stop.. I should try there.. discuss the fare with the bus drivers …Ok lo…

We stopped at slim river bus rest stop…

Waited a bit… another bus showed up… one coming from Butterworth to KL…

My Mayang Sari Bus driver then elaborated my funny story to the other guy…

So I asked permission to hitch hike…he said ok…

Then they had dinner..buka puasa… With nothing to do… I decided to join them..

The discussion was on the Triton Bus sliding off into the sea because the breaks failed in the heavy rain..(the one that appeared in the newspaper today…)

“Kamu tak Makan ke?”

“takpa la..saya makan bila sampai balik di KL nanti”


The drivers from different buses then got ready to leave…then the Mayang Sari Bus driver came by and handed me bread and a can drink!!!!

“Bang, tak yah ni, saya boleh beli…”

And I rushed forward to pay him…

“Tak tak.. ni saya belanja… betul, saya belanja…”

I feel so silly, humbled, and shy and grateful all at the same instant..

“terima kasih banyak bang!...

So I took the the southbound bus back to Kl….

On reaching KL… I approached the driver and asked how much should give for hitching the ride..the waved off my gesture and said its ok…

Oh my god…

When everything around the country seems heading downwards… BN bumbling and stumbling… ppl losing hope bit by bit…

Then its when these things happen do we feel faith in our people reinvigorated…

In the holy Month of Ramadhan.. I felt the simple gestures of a fellow Malaysian so touching and I will always be grateful


is the country I live in.

It’s a shame I didn’t get the names of the kind drivers…I would really love to write a letter of recommendation to TheStar to hightlight their good deed…

May they have safe journeys throughout their career and a Jolly happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri….

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