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Sunday, April 27, 2008

yo! (1-12-2006)


Exam over...Yea..not really la..OSPE on tues.. dun care lah

Wah exam fever over some people sing K from 6pm to 1a.m. then got trap in lift no one help, got people dota at setapak from 5pm to 10pm, got people open cinema in room, got people go see prospective hostel next year sun bian let their eyes eat ice-cream at setapak... funny after sleeping for only 3-5 hours for 4 days straight people not tired one...hai.... at the end of it me headache teruk teruk.

Today continue our feng kuang... after revising a bit of ospe slides I go red box kl... hehe second time to karaoke after first in muar. Cheap O! rm5 plus two drinks for three hours... Zi ying and Joanne are K queens.. Xiong is wang li hong chi qing fan si ,oncogene is jay chou fan si, while the songs I choose either no one hear b4 or no one dare to sing haha...

hai..Must arrange room di! Sunday go National Library,

tomorrow resume my lost anime episodes and mythbusters!!! Cartoons!!! yeah!

Oh..must write testi for someone who like to bising..:-P

see ya!

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