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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sick? (18/7/2006)

Sigh...fifth day with flu, sore throat, and cough and now fever...

Went to HKL today for a checkup fo denggi, platelet count was normal so I'm advised to go back should symptoms persist and if others develop.

I feel like vomiting now...arrrgh...probably too much bread for the whole day combined with sweet stuff...

Can't eat anything other than bread pulak.

Seems my instant cereal is out of bounds too...

Lectures start this week and didn't think I could ponteng.

Today ,we all went warm and friendly with a host of cadavers..

they don't put me off, neither do they draw me in... maybe it's because I'm sick.

Hai.....why so troublesome one... let me get better-lah...I can't stand it anymore di....

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