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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Zapped Back into reality (10/6/2006)

Hmmm...Poor thing......went for ultrasound, endoscopy + catscan then found out that it wasn't gastric ulcers.....gastrointestinal spasmsRaked up a bill of RM500...poor gal...
Hmmm..turns out my verdict was the same, I even guessed all her symptoms correctly- stomach ache, diarrhoea, rectum burns and I even prescribed the same medicine the doc from Mahkota gave her..down to the shape of the medication and colour...sans RM500 fee though haha...so weird...

suddenly had a strange calling to go into medicine again. sigh..I am so wavery

But then, Just because I can solve this one problem doesn't mean anything right? I guess having a history of the same ailment made thing s so coincidental...so no big deal.
I mean, Just because I can troubleshoot basic PC ailments, run msconfig, tinker with the source code of Freedom Force the 3rd Reich (with online help), able to comprehend basic PC/Internet Jargon doesn't mean my calling is IT or software programming/ game design right?.... Lucky I talked myself out of contemplating medicine again!Focus dear, focus! Well...my long anticipated website ( anticipated by myself laa) which hasn't been forthcoming for two years probably shows my half-bakedness in IT...

Once again I've proved myself to be a jack of all trades....Well...I hope to master some though!
Woo hee....The day wasn't very exciting...TV malfunctioned...since It was due to old age..no amount of cajoling, consoling , begging and finally hard-slapping did any good to the old TV. Couldn't watch Ninja turtles as I woke up late, forgot about Avatar the last airbender, recorded How do they do it and mythbusters, watched part of shaman king... and cleared my backlog of old newpapers....

Hmmm...dad tried to watch Tennis on TV nonetheless...but the tone and hue has gone so haywire my TV turned monochrome...RED!Seems the tennis court lines are drawn using blood...he still enjoyed 3 hours of it though! Dear me..

Washed the car, this time with KIT wash and wax instead of plain water. Cleared out the carpets since a very long time...while listening to Alanis Morisette's Jagged little pill.....and finally managed to clean the rearview mirror (No wonder no matter how I cleaned the rear widescreen I still view things behind as blurry all along!)

Sent some stuff for recycling..this time RM10 for an hour's collecting and sorting...not bad.Note to self : They accept plastic bottles, aluminium cans, newspapers, and Eureka! Ridsect mosquito spray cans too!Funny though they don't accept Glass... Why, glass is supposed to be the most recycl-able product with minimum processing.probably it's a price factor problem...they don't get much from collecting glass.Blame Muar for Lacking 3R bins which accepts everything.
anyway, should you need to recycle your stuff...bring it to a white building somewhere near LAo-Di-Fang...this one offers good price for the above mentioned items..if You're selling scrap metal...head to the other recycling centre in Lorong Serkam, the price is better there.Oh... It seems that in KL, A kilo of aluminium cans go for RM5....so do collect enough 100+ cans to buy yourself lunch.

Hmmm...I digress...

Back to me...I think i'm 90% decided that I'll b going for NService, then work in october-dec, then continue my studies in Wales/ NZ subjec to loan/ scholarship approval...still I'm ready for any change in plans...

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