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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hehe (17-8-2006)

Hehe...didn't fail the module test..hehe
Why me happy? Me happy becoz we reap what we sow. Me didn't really sow much...so quite content :-P
Now into body tissues...histology is quite boring (especially when I dun have wheather's or Junquiera and I can't refer) but can be quite interesting.
PBL sessions are getting better (we are still adapting to this new faci)
And I guess I kinda like playing the detective hehe...Ahhh...Raymond's philosophy... No chance to play the lawyer or doctor yet..but being a detective is kinda fun. Provided I have access to the internet lahhhhh.....
Me.............feeling better...my month old cough seems to be abating...though a recurrence was quite imminent today...but nevermind....there I go again *cough* *cough*....excuse me....
otherstuff...so glad other friends have laptops! Why? Because I get to play Diablo 2 !!!!!!!! First time playing it , using a necromancer...friend's advice is to go with the barbarian or paladin but I just wanna be bad sometimes..hehe.
Seems the best working strategy is to combine the blood golem with another shield of thorns...but yet again I'll play defiant and go with skeletons...see how I fare...!
He couldn't install the expansion so I think I'll be hogging his laptop..nyeh nyeh
Shouldn't I be replying to email since I'm so free? Hehe..not in the mood..sorry frens...
Oh ya....joining the indian dance troupe...*troupe-meaning the four of us*
seems to be fun...will give updates o, session at 9pm tonight, anyone game for it?

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