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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Its been long since I blogged…got bogged down by stuff haha

End sem closing in on us again and its time to give myself the well deserved kick in the butt for slacking whole sem round…

Wait, I did accomplish something…almost completed Fable: the lost chapters before being distracted by Prince of Persia The Two Thrones which I completed (loved it!), counter-strike 1.6, Just Cause ,Warhammer 40000 Dawn of war expansion Dark Crusade (finished the campaign of Tau empire and now the space marines, two out of 7 races in this RTS), Never-winter 2 which I couldn’t bear to play cause It requires an investment of at least 40hours to complete, and Onimusha 3 (nearing completion but I am not willing to finish the game because I haven’t learnt all the critical strikes…

So I’ve accomplished something, haven’t I?

Now I’m aiming for FEAR, Crysis, Bioshock,

See see how energetic I become when It comes to games…

Studies ma…haiyo….

Today I sat at my desk for 5 hours wor…accomplishment!

Why…cos I sweared not to game this week or face repeating first year…::P

Yet I din even manage a single lecture note. So sad lar….

Recently lots of stuff happening… ppl’s conduct opened my eyes…

It really is more prudent to place your eggs in different baskets…

Also realized for the second time in my life….never underestimate the touch n go friendships forged along the way… they are the ones which will be the crutches you rely on when you are down… when the solid path you thought you were on gives way to a big chasm… From now own I will appreciate everyone around me, no longer giving undeserved attention to others....

In any case, that’s a steep learning curve, hope I won’t forget my lesson soon!

I’m always thinking bout lotsa stuff, but then when I really sit down to compose my thoughts they run helter-skelter away…why hah?

Moving out from KTSN 1 soon… seems there’ll b no trips to titi lake after this..

So will go more often…if it doesn’t rain lah…

Moving to Prima Setapak…Block A 19th floor apartment no. errr… fill you in on this one next time. oh oh went there today…A19-7. The irresponsible seniors in it left the apartment in a state of total mess, almost as if a burglary has taken place! The floor is dirty, mucky water surrounds the kitchen, paper strewn allover the place.\, fridge is smelly, ants nesting in it....... Nothing we can do except make sure we dun do the same thing to our juniors next year!

Yea yea I get to swim yea yea …but then my living costs will almost double… so must scrimp and save more than ever… been having instant noodles 4 out of seven days recently, dumex and biscuits replacing certain meals because I am lazy to visit the café.

Hard to think how I can save more than what I am doing now…

Hols coming…what to do ah?

Seahorse conservation trip beckoning… hope to really make it this time.. or will disappoint my frens again… must find car ah…how ar?

Personally… this sem really passed in a blur…probably due to the fact that I’ve been staring at the monitor >20hours per week… cham…

Must be more productive next sem… or else I’ll b ashamed of myself…

When am I going to get started over my website wor? It’s like two years fren…apalah..

Somebody whip me into action please!!!!

Ohoh…I won a Timex Watch from the Star OtakuZone contest!!! But I dun remember entering any in the month of april wor… In fact I only participated in the death note contest..which was months ago!!! Anyway I’m v happy cos I’ve been watchless for 2 months after my watch fell off a cupboard…it died pointing to 10 and 2… at least It died a happy death…haha..

Buck up Buck up!!! Most improve myself more ah…If I am ever to accomplish my dream… din improve much in terms of leadership and comm. skills this sem… not sure why also…but I’ve opened up more, and I’ve gotten a better grasp of the kind of humour my frens round here identify with… J 

Wait ah…since I’m moving out di…I won’t be interacting with my course mates that often di…must really savour the remaining days we have together… strengthen the bridges … but everyone’s studying …how ah?

Haiyo…whats up with me and the hah and wor-ing?  Hmmm…loose wire…

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