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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Eragon 18/12/2006

hmmmm Feature length 1hour plus

Nice movie overall...
Don't worry...no spoilers here!

Good points are...um..nice dragon CGI... tho the dragon looks less magnificient than It can be...think horntail ...But the realism beats it!

Storyline can't pick on it as it is based on a novel I have yet to read..
but overall it tells the story quite smoothly!tho some might feel that characters that appear don't have the defined feel about them till the very end...

Character development...hmmm, from the start to the end... Eragon didn't flesh out the change in demeanor or personality in tandem with his change in wardrobe...but the last caped armor looks awesome..haha

Nice magic system...works well in the technical, systemic aspect as in the structure is defined...

Feeled the urgency at most parts ...nice!

Bad points...
Too few skirmishes that end too quickly... fight scenes may or may not be well choreographed but I can't know when I can't see who's hand meets whos foot ...bad camera angles..

Shafira being to clingy and sacrificial to it's rider... "rather us, than our rider" brings down the magnificience of dragonfolk a few notches...
"I am the rider and I say we go" works the same way too!

Hmmm...why I sound so formal and truncated today...must be the quarrel I sustained after the movie hehe...

rating 3.8 out of 5

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