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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hmmm...Parents ask me to appeal for UM.But...let me remind myself again why I medicine isn't for me.
I know my own abilities

I have marginal (the lower one) interest in it.

According to Dr. Choi Sui Lek:
5 years to MBBS. 3-4 years in practice, 4 years to specialize
13 years in all. Amount spent in fees = ......
An oversupply of doctors come 2010
The factor of time and costs in a major deterrent for me.
Question: How long will it take it for me to regain my expenditure
How old will I be then?
Doctors are not guaranteed to be rich. And even then it will not be soon. Notwithstanding, monetary gains do not factor in any of my calculations.

Hectic lifestyle. No time for personal indulgences/ family.

A heavy sense of responsibility= stress

Customer service woes-

Subject to the mercy of companies(company doctor)- insurance, MC’s ,pay

Imminent change in policy where the line between clinics and pharmacies are clearly drawn. Without dispensaries, the profit margin falls greatly.

Frankly, it just isn’t what I’m interested in and therefore will not endure hardship for. Ergo, a high probability that I will not follow my course through/ may drop out.

In the event that I have a change of heart, My course allows a switch into medicine, albeit a longer path.
This list was written 3 month ago... Anything to add now?
Well...recently, I've been worrying about where my job will bring me to...and will I be able to spend more time with my parents by the time I graduate...
I guess, It's the only reason I would want to consider medicine.... to be there for them when they need me most. But then again, in my line of work, I will have lots of spare time, which could be spent with my parents.... oh well.... I can't see that far into the future.
But Just because I am able , I shouldn't be coerced into something I don't really like right?Just for continuing the family tradition...just for the glow upon their faces?That would contradict the first rule in my set of three rules (refer Raison De'tre )
If the reason for taking up medicine is for money...then it will contradict rule no 2.And anyway, doctors are not guaranteed to be rich. Even if they do, the cash comes in much later....so it is for every existing profession (pyramid schemes notwithstanding)
I admit, I am a guy who is interested in everything.From aadvarks to zephyrs....if there is something to learn...I'll be there to listen.So....throw me into medicine... I won't say I will reject it totally....but..5 years is too long for me.I enjoy freedom, freedom to chose, freedom of expression, freedom....to chose my own destiny...
I know , I know.... I've been talking about being a doctor since secondary school (before that it was becoming a paleontologist)But that's because that's what my relatives always say when my mum "accidently" revealed my examination results.... ever since UPSR... "waaa...he's bright...can follow daddy's footsteps..."
"Hwah..you must be so proud...another doctor...this time...GP not enough...surgeon...you noe..surgeons earn a lot of money.... one incision can earn 1000 pounds you noe-o-not
"Eii...you noe...eye specialist also not bad, people today watch lots of TV's.."
"Brain specialist...that's the emerging field in bioscience...take it..you won't regret one...wat? difficult? you can wan-lah!! Expensive....Aiyah...when you work in UK already...you have enough money for three generations I tell you.....Dun worry la...."
Is is that easy? How many of those who comment without blinking an eye actually researched or done any homework regarding this profession?
As I always say.... Accountants will say Doctors earn better"listen to the chest one time can earn 30 bucks wor!!!"
...doctors in turn will be pointing at lawyers"Haha...each signature of yours is worth RM50 you noe"
then...Lawyers will start naming scientists, engineers, architects who earn better than him...even teachers!"I tell you-hah..teachers...good pay, easy job...job security, big pension fund, children's education no nid worry..got JPA waiting for them.. If I knew sooner, I'll become a teacher!"
And the world goes round n round while the debate continues.......................------While teachers shake their heads in disbelief------
So? Who earns more in the end? Who's work is more glamorous? Which is the better job?
I believe each and every one contributes to society in the way that they can.what's important is being the best in whatever that you do.and I plan to shine brightly as an ecological conservationist.

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