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Thursday, April 24, 2008

,... (13/6/2006)

Hmmm...waited with baited breath but still no reply to Mahathir.
But at the very least, finally someone came out to back Mahathir
(not on his tone, but on his opinions)
Daphne Ling....who are you? I so wanna meet you.
Noticed you since last year and so far I've only seen positive and constructive opinions from you.
How old are you?
Certainly would like to join you if you're doing community service again!

To Shahrir From BBC:
Mr integrity, from what I learned from your resignation from BBC...
Tot I would see further wonderful things from you but then you...you...you...
told Mahathir to Shut up and there's no obligation from the government to reply to Mahathir
Pah! And to think I thought so highly of you.

You know what, they say real heroes are the ones who do the right thing when no one is looking.
you resigning..... now...was that a publicity stunt?

Anyway,so now they will try to respond to Mahathir....FINALLY. (oopps..yesterday's news)
I myself would like to see clear cut answers to the many questions about the administration.

Oh ok...back to me...
Called NS department...told them I wanted to cancel my postponement and enter the 3rd batch
Seems I'll b going in one week later, on the 1st of July and out on 16 september. Oh well.

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