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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Phewww (29/8/2006)

Guess it's time that I break the monotony that is my blog and write more about cheery happy stuff instead of focusing on my internal turmoil all the time...agreed?

But then.... I don't know what to write about....I'm quite dizzy and my mind is kinda tired after staring at the microscope for three straight hours...kinda fun but It'll be more fun if they let us make the slides ourselves, whih mean we get to choose the subjects to put in.
One thing I notice is how time really slips through my fingers....

I think I have so much to do, and so little time to do it (Why do I sound so long-winded today?) First up is reading newspapers...I've lost track of the comic strips in The Star....Missing out on all the new geek info supplied by Intech and more importantly, i'm missing out on the relevant conservation issues . I really should start buying newspapers of my own instead of being the perpetual newspaper parasite that lives off the daily RM1.20 of Jeffrey, Michael and friends.
But whenever I wanna read the news, my body tells me I should replenish on my sleep, and when I want to sleep, something tells me I should at least study a little everyday instead of putting everything on the backburner till the very last minute, and when I want to study, I itch for my roommate's laptop. NO. Not for the lecture powerpoint presentations, silly...for the Ghost recon campaign... To think how I fail in the game...couldn't even complete the first campaign "moi dragon" at the veteran level. But then, I should blame my perfectionist self because I restart whenever 2 out of my 7 compatriots die. In between these times I need to wash my clothes...., run around the 4th floor pestering friends in 409, 411,412, ....daydream.....go for a walk/ have a few rounds of badminton...watch Naruto, Ninja turtles, Avatar, Wrestling.....(which reminds me that Animemax is coming to Astro come first Sept...so Unfair!!!!!!)

there just isn't enough time. But then, throughout my 19 years..when have I had enough time? I don't think I am ever bored because I just find things to do...And now there's a critical shortage of time for me to indulge in my little hobbies...so sad....

Oooopsss...It's raining heavily now..should really hop on the next bus and grab some shuteye before I continue sniping people in "Moi Dragon"

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