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Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Zt project turned out to be quite fun! unexpectedly.

OUrs was a research or rather a review on a book on emotion.

So our leader (by force and poor luck) borrowed a book from the lib with the title :
how apt eh? Simple and concise. I actually tot the book was gonna be boring but it turned out otherwise.

James W. Kalat and the other co-writer something Shiota actually did lotsa homework b4 publishing their stuff and everything was done in a tongue-in-cheek, humourous manner that cracked me up with every flip of the page. You like never see the punch line coming and will just laugh out loud because it doesn't prepare you for the impending joke at all. ( mental note : re-borrow the book when the prject is over and everyone is done with it.)

Of the 19 pages I read, I amused myself at least 14 times.Never thought it would be so fun.
Wondering why I blog now?cos lately I've succeeded in being a parasite..woo hoo hoo
Also for some unknown cause and still unknown prognosis I am having tachycardia will sudden palpitations and with some chest pain.Been like this since 3 or 4 weeks ago. dunno what's wrong with me. initial checkup at HKL (presenting with fever at that time) was diagnosed with viral fever and given VitC and Vit B complex. -.-'''

Not that I'm complaining about the service or anything but I was expecting something more.. like listening to my chest or something at the very least... but then It's a general hospital jam-packed with others with more serious conditions...

Hai..what to do?I am having chronic lack of sleep and that may be the cause....hope it's that simple.but even if it is that simple.. I'm no closer to solving the problem than two weeks ago.shit.
Whatever la...

Point to note.a persons life span is measured rather accurately(comparing post-mortem data-natural cause of death) by the number of beats his/her heart goes through. Which is roughly 3 billion beats in a lifetime. so if I have this pulse rate of mine fluntuating between 125-100 bpm I roughly shave mabe one week of my life... hopefully this doesn't continue.sigh.

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