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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Oh well, getting better ...lost my temperature, but my nose still runs whenever it wants to go somewhere and I still cough like mad, especially early in the morning and late at night...I wonder what's the explanation for the time preference?

third week into medicine....my current verdict is still... I have yet to feel any interest coming forth from the depths of me. I have this conspiracy theory that my current bout of sickness maybe the will of the powers that be trying to convince me the importance of medicine...yet I am still not convinced.

Why? Because no matter how short-handed the healthcare profession maybe, the situation is a thousand times worse for the environment and wildlife at large. Don't you agree?

Generally speaking, I don't really enjoy the conditions that I am in now.

I don't really like my hostel, with its threat of dengue lurking just about every corner,

I procrastinate on buying medical books because I'm unsure whether I'll be staying on

I do not want to be too emotionally involved with anything....

I....don't know what I should do, really...

exams coming on 11th of August, people are poring through their books when I have yet to have one.

Oh well..It's my call I guess. I'm responsible for myself.

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