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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tun Vs PM (10/6/2006)

Recently been caught up with newpaper headlines o...About the rift between Mahathir and Badawi...You know what, I will always support mahathir no matter what he does..He doesn't do something without reason.

I don't put too much confidence in Badawi...ever since october 2003...He's been too much of a pushover with Singapore..And I only hope that the water talks would resume.I mean...3 cents for 1000 litres (or is it gallons?)That makes it less than two cents for S'poreans...At that rate...We're running a defecit! (Since 1956 if I'm not mistaken)

Even M'sian citizens have to pay a higher rate to use water.
China sells Water to Hong Kong at RM3-5 something I think.
What's more..Singapore sells back the treated water at 13000% price.

Mahathir has not backed down against singapore..We even retaliated when S'pore published the " Water Talks : If only it could " excuse of a brochure by coming out with one of our own.
Once the reins went to Badawi...evrything died down...It's so unfair.We fought so hard for a Just price and Badawi just let everything slip!
Then comes the Rafidah Aziz issue..She dilly-dallied with the AP issue...not turning up for Parliament proceedings... picked a fight with Tun mahathir..and now she's getting away scot-free?

How come no disciplinary action was taken against her?Bad knee? I still think that's a ruse from the start...just as an excuse not to turn up at the parliament for she knows sharp criticms await her there. Again...Badawi's Non-confrontational approach did us lots of good.She's getting away without even a slap on the wrist!!!!

Though, I must give it to Badawi for handling the Crude oil price issue well... I mean, I understand the government had to do it sooner or later...
But still..whether the savings from the subsidy will ever benefit us still remains a question. In the event that it does..the places that would benefit from it will be KL, Klang, JB and Penang.What about the other states...what about MUAR???Oh well...Muar has nothing much to gripe about so I'll let it pass hehe

On a different front, I can't stand the politicians who are asking Mahathir to keep quiet and go to sleep. These are the Pengilap Kasut terkemuka! After cleaning Mahathir's Dr Martins for 22 years and getting nothing from it...now they proceed to shine Badawi's Hush Puppies pulak.
It's politically correct to stand behind Badawi and everything..but it just isn't right to ask Mahathir to keep quiet. Their aim is to pass the buck, without having to deal with the issue at hand..that is..answering the difficult questions that mahathir Posed.

oh wait...then there's the scenic bridge issue. It's plain to see Singapore wants to keep directing Maritime traffic to it's own ports that's why all the fuss and delayThe new bridge and the deconstruction of the causeway means ships will be coming to malaysia instead.They didn't dare delay much when mahathir was around...they know he's capable of anything...but with Badawi...they became much more daring...asking for sand lah..airspace lah...because they know what a pushover he is!Rejecting the proposal was a right move...I know..we shouldn't give in to singapore's demands..but then..they had no right to demand it in the first place...there shouldn't be any conditions imposed on our side for the bridge to be built dammmit!that's why Mahathir wants us to pursue the issue to the ICJ...the way he handled Batu putih (what's the outcome anyway? anyone?)Again...Badawi is letting things pass...

Oh well.. Don't know why I get so worked up about it..More reason for me not to study in Singapore I guess? that freak of a government (dictatorship would be more suitable)
I'll be rooting for Mahathir all the way..Yup...He's 81 but he's far from senile!

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