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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Uh. They say ppl change.

I guess I've to reflect too... what am I becoming...

I was never a group person...I'd prefer to be on my own or in minimum company, max of 4... I guess It stems from the fact that I communicate well on a one to one basis but when it comes to addressing a crowd I'm loss for words ...Can't find the appropriate method to do so.

I think this weakness rears its head too when I'm leading a group. Group communication makes up d big chunk of Management skills and that's where I suffer.. evident since the form6 years..

Ah. I guess its time to change...Hmmmm... How? I guess I should gradually stop falling back on familiarity,do not restrict myself to the same company of friends... poke my head into groups and see which accepts my presence then gain footing from there...

Hope everything goes well lah.

And uh...despite all outside appearances...I guess I should learn to back away and coil back into my shell... hehe... Leaving myself out in the open--its nice to trust but then is it one way?-- seems too risky...It's time to stop revealing myself.

Maybe Its time to stop being nice. Stand up for my rights and not back down. I wanna be evil woohooo... You're gonna get it this time although you got away with it so many times before... wahaha. I won't be thinking so much about repercussions... time to think bout myself.... I'm evil... Capitalize it.

Hehehe... be careful where you tread....

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