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Sunday, April 27, 2008

23/1/2007 Paintball!!

Entered the Paintball competition The week before..

It cost me RM22 and two blue-blacks…one point-blank on the forehead and the other right at the sternum…haha

There were five of us in one team

Me, Tommy, Kai Quan, Shao Nan and Chun Fai

Group Name? Fire In Da Hole!!!!

The matches were played in a league formation, each team being given the minimum of four games.

We lost the first to Mencakar (who became the champion), won the second (against an all girl team) lost the third (a very saddening match) and triumphed in the last by getting 100 points!

Oh, the scoring format…

Each enemy you kill will be 4 pts

Each team member remaining will be 2 pts

Capturing the flag will be 20 pts

Securing the flag gives another 50pts

Grand total would be 5X4+5X2+20+50= 100

So in the last match we totally creamed the opposition!!! Woo hoo!!!

Tho we din get into the quarter-finals we were in high spirits…

Going by points.. we were ranked the 10th out of 31 teams… No complaints there!

Chun Fai was the most kesian member getting almost 5 shots… his arm bled from the pellet abrasion, one shot on his body and…. 3 around the groin area missing the “bullseye” by inches…lucky lucky…

The queer thing bout paint-ball is that pellets that break upon impact.. which indicates that you’re dead aren’t that painful…but those that don’t and ricochet off you..hurt like hell… still it doesn’t mean that you’re safe…get spotted being shot thrice without a single pellet breaking and the marshal will still take your armband off…

Techies note:

The paint-ball gun is called a marker.

Powered using carbon dioxide canisters or nitrogen or compressed air..it weighs around 3kg I think.

It comes with a barrel sock and safety pin

Paintballs fired follows a slightly curved trajectory…and it may be slightly off centre, … It seems that we can aim, but regrettably I went thru all four matches without using the notched sight.. I simply fired the first shot and compensated for its inaccuracy by shifting… ie if the ball goes left instead of centre I shift a little to the right…

Ah…another thing..when you’re out of ammo, touching your enemy with the barrel counts too!


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