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Sunday, April 27, 2008

went for a drink today..with a senior I havent met in 2 years!
Both of us changed quite a lot..both more talktative hehe
Ah..to remember last time we scraped thru getting a saman because he let me ride pillion without a helmet..that was 3 years ago..

Miao... that's my tagline for now... hai...lame..

as usual got lots to say and share...but then hard to put into words...but then If I don't I will lose the info for future reference...

Just been to a seahorse conservation trip in Gelang Patah/ Pendas JB.
It's my second time here since my last trip last year.
I kept my end of the bargain to bring frens to join this time but tak sangka they're the ones who fly me airplane ... sakit hati.. And I was thinking I let them down cos they were so eager to go and they were asking me for so many times...

but anyway, the fact that I told them it's a one day trip put them off..but in the end it din turn out that way..
I went during Fri night, stayed at the research station and went off 6 plus in the morning on the boat trip that tool me halfway out of the straits of Tebrau (the body of water separating M'sia and Spore)...

Last time it was more of transects and quadrates..but this time its Spot the seahorse contest! I got four!!!! hehe... but I felt bad because our group almost got charged with manslaughter.. you see we had to place the seahorse we spotted in a plastic bag hooked to a PVC pipe so that GPS can be taken later... however we did not manage to retrieve one seahorse because of the rising tide...hopefully it managed to escape from the bag... That was a real oversight... sad ah...
then we moved three of the PVC pipes nearer to our boat...with seahorses inside...which beats the purpose...cos then the GPS location is lost. Felt like idiots..

but oh then.. experience makes us better right?
hopefully I'll get to join next year!

then since I was in JB.. might as well go trouble Xiong xiong wahaha...had fun there.. but I mysteriously lost a rocking photo frame when I watch blades of Glory!
sad again...miao...

speaking of... Blades of glory was a comedic masterpiece. Not slapstick but  oh so totally laugh of loud, slap your fren, ROFL funny... and so.... so....unexpected.
Makes me wanna watch the other movies by Will Ferrell wooooo
Anyway It's absolutely worth the ticket price!!! 2 thumbs up!

Then uh....going to Belum Temenggor on the 1st of june..
hopefully I'll hitch a ride From a Mr Kon from Singapore, spend a night in Taiping,
go for the trip and travel to Kedah for a few days before scooting back to Muar..
But must settle all my work first la... involved in  a sheng xue bu dao event...

So...My hols are quite fun!!


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